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INAEC’s Maintenance Training Program offers its students knowledge and experience on business aircraft maintenance operations and ground-handling. This course is done over a period of six (6) months, with one (1) month classroom lecture and five (5) months hands-on experience on fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Coverage includes:

  • Basic Aircraft Familiarization

  • Aircraft Engineering and Documentation

  • Aviation Safety Management Systems

  • Human Factors

  • Ground-Handling and Safety

  • Civil Aviation Regulations

INAEC’s instructors are all OEM-trained type-rated mechanics for each of the aircraft familiarization course, and are experienced on aircraft engineering, aviation safety and regulatory compliance for the rest of the subjects.

This course is designed for graduates of B.S. Aviation Maintenance Technology, B.S. Aeronautical Engineering or other individuals who want to gain experience on business aircraft maintenance operations.





Mr. Herminio C. Brion, or Sir Chief as he is fondly called, is a giant in the Philippine general aviation community. He joined INAEC when it was established in 1993 and continues to make his mark in the company.

Throughout his career, Mr. Brion’s defining characteristic is his untrammeled generosity with his time and his knowledge on aircraft, the breadth and scope of which is unequaled in our community. He personally guides, trains, and inspires our mechanics to ensure the continued airworthiness of INAEC’s aircraft and consistent reliability of its operations.

With the establishment of the Herminio C. Brion Aviation Training Institute, INAEC aims to continue Mr. Brion’s legacy. Like Mr. Brion, we believe that we have the duty to share the skills and knowledge we have acquired through years of rigorous training, together with the values of professionalism and integrity that form an integral part of our operations. We aim to develop aviation practitioners who are both competent and principled, skilled and conscientious, thorough and dependable.


INAEC HCB-ATI offers initial and recurrency type rating for the following aircraft:

  • King Air 300

  • Bell 429

  • EC135 P2

  • EC145 C2

INAEC’s instructors have been trained from each aircraft OEM training center abroad. Course duration depends on the type of aircraft training. Graduates of this course who are holders of CAAP Airframe or A&P license will be able to perform aircraft MR and RTS for those aircraft.

INAEC’s Helipad Safety Officer training course provides the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to safely and effectively fulfill the roles of a helipad safety officer on civilian helipads. This 4-day course includes classroom lectures on both elevated and surface helipad requirements, helipad operational safety, basic helicopter familiarization, aviation human factors, and safety management system. The participants will be able to perform hands-on helicopter familiarization as well as departure and arrival procedures.

INAEC’s instructors have experience on both Offshore Oil and Gas Helidecks and Civilian Helipads and have received training on OPITO Helideck Operations Training.



INAEC has an aircraft training device that can help individuals enhance their flying proficiency, specifically instrument flying. This can be used by pilots who want to practice their instrument proficiency without the need to fly an actual aircraft. Our lead instructor is an experienced fixed-wing pilot with more than 14,000 flying hours.



Through our training programs, our trainees are given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge through hands-on experience in INAEC’s own facilities and equipment, under the mentorship of our dedicated and learned instructors.


INAEC offers a Flight Operations Officer training course, consisting of 169 hours of classroom lecture. Students who take up this course will also be given the opportunity to undergo on-the-job training for ninety (90) days after their classroom lecture. They will be exposed to local and international aircraft handling operations, under the supervision of INAEC’s flight operations officers.


Graduates of this course can apply for flight dispatcher’s license with the CAAP.


Begin your aviation journey with us.


For more details, and other destinations, please contact INAEC Aviation Corporation.

Ms. Lexie Espinosa at +63 917 569 6146; Mr. Justin Dare at +63 917 540 6368

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